🎉We average $3 MILLION per month in funding for Black folks!

Black Freedom Funding Challenge
3 Days to build Black financial freedom!
"If you want to go far go together"
Why This Challenge is Important
Get Ready
Learn to position yourself, your family, and your friends to snatch up opportunities in a flash.
Launch Strategies
Worried about rising costs and shrinking budgets? Turn things around and land on top.
Build Partnerships
Your network is your net worth. Learn how to level up your partnerships to ignite Black wealth.
It's time to get Black freedom
"The (free) support they provided by offering us amazing resources and editing on our grants and budgets was invaluable. We succeeded because of their support."
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How the Black Freedom Funding Challenge Works

Every day, we'll have live mini-lessons with daily tasks to increase your chances of getting funding for your family, business, or nonprofit. Come ready to work!

There will also be prizes awarded based on completing the challenges, working in collaboration, and engaging and helping others.
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Success leaves clues
See what they say about us
"...And I asked you a few questions and you said something about a pilot. You gave us some key language. I put that language in there, tweaked that budget sent it. And it was approved in a week!"
- K. Patrice Williams
"Just because of your guidance and how to do one-pagers...we really know what we're doing. We were able to get our apprenticeship program with the Dept of Labor; we are a provider for the State of Texas now!"
- Grant Slayer Academy Student
"I got my very first grant with Shaun. And my second. And my third. They really know how to get money for our community."
- A. Vincent
About Your Host
Who am I?
I'm Shaun Glaze, your favorite Grant Slayer, a researcher, grant strategist and the Founder of Inclusive Data.

In 2020, we all saw the uprisings in defense of Black lives. We saw how funders were eager to reach Black folks - and that no one really seemed to be helping Black folks learn how to get these HUGE opportunities.

I didn't want to start a business as much as I wanted to support the movement for Black liberation and get as many Black folks as much money as I could. 

Honestly, I just want us to get free, y'all.

I need to get as much of what I knew out there ASAP. I'm pushing everything I know into as many Black homes as I can.

So, I made the ultimate playbook while using my over 10 years of grants experience to win over $18M in 18 months for Black communities - that's just counting the grants for Black folks y'all. Not even all the funding we've secured for community.

Funding rules have changed, and now tiny small businesses and new nonprofits are winning BIG! I know this won't last long, so I need community to really mobilize so we can all eat.

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